“The Quantum Pilgrimage: An Existential Quest to the Quantum Self”

“The Quantum Pilgrimage: An Existential Quest to the Quantum Self”


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What if I told you that the way we perceive and take for granted time, space and true interpersonal connections can be misleading, even when their true nature lay before us?

THE QUANTUM PILGRIMAGE is an existentialist, abstract and tortuous fable about the inner journey we all endeavour during our biological existence. Since that quest is as unique and unpredictable as each one of us, any interpretations drawn are filtered by your own experiences and expectations. Because, just as it happens in the Quantum Realm, everything that truly matters is distorted and crafted by our own unique consciousness.

This dark and introspective odyssey serves as a brief introduction to a much wider and profound topic backing this and upcoming books: Quantum Psychology. Because perhaps the real question is not how our consciousness fits with this Universe and reality, but the other way around: how everything that we experience is deployed and influenced by a basic and intrinsic part of our awareness that remains mostly unexplored.

That central piece of our minds (or the Quantum Self) connects us with ourselves, our biological existence, society, the rest of energy forms and forces in the Universe, and even to the Quantum Realm, where the rules of time, space and connection are completely different to our instinctive perception.

But, far more important, it connect us with others at a transcendental level. Because if Quantum Psychology lies as the centre piece connecting all aspects of existence and reality, at the heart of that centre you will find the raw and meaningful emotional and interpersonal connections we establish throughout life; those that are as subjective as ourselves, but also universally identifiable.

Because your life can be changed in a heartbeat of pure conviction if you know where to hear, as every great achievement in history starts with a seemingly crazy idea.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Isaac R. Betanzos is a novel writer with an academical background in research & Psychology. Combining Positive Psychology and Quantum Physics, through Quantum Psychology we will be able to re-think time, space and interpersonal connections. For more information, contact and insights about the upcoming books visit http://www.TheInvisibleBookOfQuantumPsychology.com

“The Quantum Pilgrimage: An Existential Quest to the Quantum Self”

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