quantum psychology

Have you ever felt that there is something about the way we experience reality that doesn’t fit? What if I told you that the way we perceive time, space and profound interpersonal connections is misleading and incomplete?

Backed up by the discoveries from sciences and theories as broad as Quantum Physics, Positive Psychology, Reiki, meditation, Biocentrism, etc. Through Quantum Psychology we unravel ever-relevant existential questions such as the extension of our consciousness, profound interpersonal connection, the meaning and limits of life, the origin of the Universe, time-travel, or what happens after we perish, amongst others.

$ 14.99

The Majestic Hostage

How far would you stretch your moral principles in order to survive or preserve the life of others?

When the world-renowned heart surgeon, former television celebrity and aristocrat Dr Malcolm Spencer begins to question his purpose and identity, he leaves his comfortable condo in South Kensington, London, to volunteer at a hospital in a refugee camp in Namanga, Kenya.

Not only will he rethink everything he took for granted about the world and the way people value and connect with each other, but his priorities and survival instincts are sorely tested when the local terrorist group, God’s Will Movement, attacks the camp and takes him hostage.

$ 14.99

The Quantum Pilgrimage

What if I told you that the way we perceive and take for granted time, space and true interpersonal connections can be misleading, even when their true nature lay before us?

THE QUANTUM PILGRIMAGE is an existentialist, abstract and tortuous fable about the inner journey we all endeavour during our biological existence. Since that quest is as unique and unpredictable as each one of us, any interpretations drawn are filtered by your own experiences and expectations. Because, just as it happens in the Quantum Realm, everything that truly matters is distorted and crafted by our own unique consciousness.

$ 8.99

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