Collaboration with DWB Foundation

Isaac R. Betanzos has agreed to cooperate with the Do It With Boldness (DWB) Foundation as a  Fundraising Volunteer Manager. Participating in different projects, promoting the principles and values of the foundation with the aim of helping locally in the areas of need. With a thorough mentorship program, Isaac R. Betanzos will collaborate with the DWB foundation introducing the concepts and implications of Positive Psychology and Quantum Psychology in different talks, counselling sessions, debates and master classes in local associations and universities.

Do it With Boldness (DWB) is a duly registered non-profit Mentorship Foundation under the Societies Act (Cap 108) of the laws of Kenya since August 2018. The foundation promotes development through advocacy, mentorship and economic empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship training. Their Mentoring programmes are designed to empower Young People and women in leadership roles, self-awareness, resiliency and to help them realize their full potential in the society beyond.  

The World keep changing very fast, a lot of expectations and challenges face Young people on a daily basis in today’s world. Economic burdens, leadership fails, health crisis, career development stress and job market deflation and many more… Young people have very limited options to face the challenges alone. The education systems prepare young people for jobs which are not literally there, millions of young people graduating annually have no place to put their acquired knowledge into practice, parents don’t want to retire yet as the cost of living is becoming completely unbearable. The delicate balance of mentoring someone; to us is not creating them in our own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

You can JOIN DWB today as a Member, a Mentor, Donor or as a Friend of the Foundation. Don’t wait, JUST DO IT NOW! bring your innovative ideas and we will help you convert them into LIFE CHANGING project run by the author, we have a room for everyone.