Collaboration with PureEsperanza

Collaboration with PureEsperanza

ISAAC R. BETANZOS is thrilled to announce his appointment as a board member in the PureEsperanza project! 

Collaboration with PureEsperanza

Having cooperated in projects and webinars in the past, it was mutually agreed to join forces, inviting Isaac to become a board member to help with the ongoing projects and growth of PureEsperanza.

As Isaac R. Betanzos has been almost 20 years studying consciousness and existentialism from different perspectives and approaches, PureEsperanza vision to empower and promote self-awareness about our individual potential and powers shares most of Isaac’s own beliefs and principles, shared throughout his work.

The aim is to explore and share ideas to increase our knowledge and self-belief towards achieving the highest version of our own individual consciousness, born from the collective energy that links all of us as beings.

Combining Positive Psychology and Quantum Physics, through Quantum Psychology we will be able to re-think time, space and interpersonal connections the way we do.

To learn more about PureEsperanza and upcoming projects, please visit their website.


Here is a briefing about PureEsperanza mission and vision:

PureEsperanza founded in 2017. It began as a blog website. Weekly writings were rooted in the heart of holistic education, sharing Wisdom from a culmination of many universal and spiritual teachings, and our learning to become Creators of Life through empowering consciousness and the art of well-Being, also known as the art of living.

As is Consciousness, expands! It began to offer a community page of resources with other aligned services and art. Further evolving, emerged, once again, a vision of a holistic center for consciousness education, its Founder received in her youth. PureEsperanza became a nonprofit organization in 2019 with its vision being realized in the present transformation we are living in.

Our Mission:

PureEsperanza is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

Our Vision:

PureEsperanza offers a holistic approach in both our communities and across the world that empower each of us to effectively live more creative and fulfilled lives through its center, programs, services, materials and events. PureEsperanza creates and facilitates a theme of hope, supports the development of individuals, our collective communities, and our world, and acts as an agent of and for transformation. 

  • We are Creators of Life.
  • Our Imagination is our Creative Power.
  • Consciousness is Ever Expanding in All Life.
  • We are what we Believe.
  • We, All Life, are intrinsically Interconnected.
  • We see the Whole mirrored in the Reflections of All.
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